Airstream Renovations

Airstream is the manufacturer of a beautiful RV that is technically classified as a trailer. But the curved body design and rugged aluminum exterior makes for some unique renovation opportunities. So it was only fitting that we dedicate a category of RV renovations for these impeccably designed travel trailers.

Airstreams have long been pictured as part of America’s travel charm with long open roads from the cliffs of California to the Rocky Mountains and beyond. We’re not gonna lie… this was a fun category to curate. It never gets old looking at beautifully remodeled Airstream trailers!

Stunning RV Bathroom Mirrors

If you ask us, the mirror is absolutely the best part of an RV bathroom. The mirror greets your happy, smiling face in the morning and it’s one of the easiest transformations to complete in an RV renovation.

70+ Gorgeous RV Kitchen Backsplashes

Adding a backsplash is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old, tired RV kitchen on a tight budget. It can be a relatively quick project and you instantly add more light and interest to the tiny space.

Yes, You Can Have Floating Shelves in Your RV!

It might be the most controversial topic on our social media channels… are floating shelves in an RV a practical design choice? And we’re here to answer, YES! You can absolutely install floating shelves in an RV and they can look beautiful!

The Trendiest Wood RV Headboards

Time to add a little sizzle to that dated RV bedroom! No matter your preferred design style, wood is the perfect material to add behind your bedroom mattress to create a focal point that is sure to impress.