Pop-Up Renovations

Known as transformer robots to our kids, pop-up trailers are great lightweight trailers for shorter camping trips. You still get a lot of the camping experience with more rustic living conditions, but after you see some of the renovated pop-up trailers that we found, you’d have to say these people are “glamping” more than they are camping!

Stunning RV Bathroom Mirrors

If you ask us, the mirror is absolutely the best part of an RV bathroom. The mirror greets your happy, smiling face in the morning and it’s one of the easiest transformations to complete in an RV renovation.

70+ Gorgeous RV Kitchen Backsplashes

Adding a backsplash is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old, tired RV kitchen on a tight budget. It can be a relatively quick project and you instantly add more light and interest to the tiny space.

Flip-Up RV Kitchen Countertop Extensions

Whether you want extra prep area, a cutting board, or perhaps a little more dining space, flip-up or “drop down” countertop extensions can be a clever way to add that valuable counter space you need.