Bunkroom Renovations

If you don’t want to wait until retirement to head out on the road, you’ll likely need a bunk or two for the kids. Or maybe you are retired and you want the grandkids to come stay with you! Bunk rooms are perfect for comfortably fitting 2 or more kids in a tight space. But that doesn’t mean they have to look stale like military barracks!

From nurseries to bunk rooms to the cutest sleeping lofts, we’ve curated the best renovated sleeping arrangements we could find for the kiddos!

52 of our Favorite RV Bunkroom Renovations

Maybe you’re a full-time traveling family with 4 kids, or maybe you’re retired and just want a space for the grandkids to stay when they stop by to visit you on the road. Either way, a bunkroom is the best way to increase sleeping capacity in a tiny home on wheels.