Dining Renovations

The dining “room” in a typical RV floorplan is not much of a room at all. It’s typically a fold-out table or perhaps a cramped dining booth. That’s why it’s no surprise to see so many people finding other ways to expand their dining options in their renovated RVs.

From budget friendly to all-out guts and extra storage options, we’ve curated the best dining booths, dining tables and expandable seating ideas we could find. Many of these seating arrangements double as an office on wheels or lounge area for watching movies at night.

Flip-Up RV Kitchen Countertop Extensions

Whether you want extra prep area, a cutting board, or perhaps a little more dining space, flip-up or “drop down” countertop extensions can be a clever way to add that valuable counter space you need.

The Best Farmhouse Style RV Renovations

Comfy, cozy and full of charm, farmhouse style is as popular as ever. It’s no surprise that farmhouse style is the most popular design aesthetic in the RV renovation community the past few years. Professional and amateur designers and renovators alike have turned to this enduring style.