Living Room Renovations

Not every RV is equipped with a spacious living room, but even a cozy nook with a seat and a pillow can be a relaxing spot when your RV isn’t rolling down the road. A typical RV living room floorplan might have a TV mounted above an electric fireplace, a lounger or sofa and that’s about it. But there are many ways you can turn this multi-purpose area into a beautiful oasis after you close your front door and pull down the shades.

We’ve curated the best renovated RV living room spaces, so sit back and scroll and the inspiration will follow!

Upgrade Your RV Sofa

New RVs notoriously ship with uncomfortable, cheap furniture from the factory. I know the RV manufacturers are often trying to balance being lightweight and cost effective, but you might be surprised to learn that traditional retail sofas can often be similar weights and it’s actually comfortable to sit on.

Leather Sofa in Your RV

The sofa in your RV will likely be the most used piece of furniture in your home on wheels. Lounging, sleeping, watching TV, eating dinner… it will get a lot of use.

The Best Farmhouse Style RV Renovations

Comfy, cozy and full of charm, farmhouse style is as popular as ever. It’s no surprise that farmhouse style is the most popular design aesthetic in the RV renovation community the past few years. Professional and amateur designers and renovators alike have turned to this enduring style.