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We share the most inspirational RV design hacks and trends to assist your renovation.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking for adventure or a full-time family re-writing the script on “normal life”, you’ve found the best website for RV remodeling design inspiration.

Just like you, we were frustrated with the status quo design options so we remodeled our own 5th wheel before living in it full-time for 2 years. Along the way we discovered that so many people were looking to do their own renovations, so Love That RV was born!

Learn more about our family travel story and why we gave up the corporate 9-to-5 routine and traveled 48 states in an RV.

Topics we discuss

Most RV manufacturers still haven’t figured out that today’s customers demand modern designs and amenities. It’s common even in the current year models to find the same drab brown and beige color scheme with swoops adorning the exterior.

Here’s what you can expect as you browse our site:

Interior modifications

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Remodel projects

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Organization solutions

Our Goals

We strive to inspire anyone with a desire to live in a tiny home on wheels and show that you don’t have to live in a cookie cutter box. The space might be small, but it should feel like home!

Every family or individual traveler has a unique travel style and personal taste for desire. That’s why we try to showcase as many different spaces and design styles as we can find across all sizes of recreational vehicles.

We’ve done our best to organize and tag each unique space and design trend to make it easy for you when you’re looking for inspiration in your project.

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