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By the Numbers

The RV renovation community is fast growing. With a new-found desire to hit the road in style, tens of thousands of RV owners are searching daily for inspiration to make their road trips feel less like camping and more like glamping.

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ADULTS 25-45

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Be a writer for Love That RV

We’re always looking for fellow renovators and travelers to contribute to our website. If you have an article or story idea you’d like to share, submit the article for review.

Articles don’t need to be lengthy, but they should be specific. All content needs to follow our editorial guidelines.

Typically we don’t pay for guest article contributions, but we are open to paying for articles from content creators who can demonstrate they are a good fit and are interested in writing on a regular basis.

Your author bio will appear at the end of every article you contribute, with direct links to your website and/or social media.

We share content on all our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and we often enhance reach by promoting article content through paid search and paid social channels.

We want as many people as possible to see your published content!

Advertising Options

Whether our users are just starting to explore their interest in the RV lifestyle or they are looking to renovate their current RV, we have a highly captivated audience. We offer a variety of solutions for you to get your message in front of the right users at the perfect time.

Our common advertising options are listed below, but we also enjoy working with partners with creative solutions. Fill out the form below to discuss your next advertising opportunity!

Sponsored Post

You provide us with an article and we’ll publish it with guaranteed feature placement throughout our website as well as social media and email distribution.

Article must follow our editorial guidelines.

Sponsored Post
(written by us)

We’ll write an article or review about your product or service. You will have the opportunity to review the native advertising content before we publish it. But note that we will not change our opinion on a product review.

Social Media

We will post your article content, product link or do a shout-out to your website or social media profile. We follow all FTC disclosure guidelines and requirements as listed here. Products or content must be directly relevant to our RV audience.

Sponsored Emails

Send a dedicated email to thousands of opt-in subscribers. Or have your content appear alongside exceptional articles on the same topic.

Contextual Ads

Banner ad, image or text link box within an article. For example, an article discussing wallpaper solutions and we link to your website where the product may be purchased.

Highly targeted to users interested in a specific topic.

Non-Contextual Ads

Banner ad, image or text ad placed outside of the article. For example, we have placement opportunities in the blog sidebar, product listing sidebar, and user account sidebar widgets.

Broader targeting to every user that visits the website.

For a limited number of clients, we can also manage your in-house advertising for you. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Love That RV advertising opportunities.

We review every advertising opportunity with careful consideration. In general, we only promote RV related products and services (e.g. RV accessories, expert renovation books, solar generators, camping equipment, etc). Stuff our users need and want to see!

Our rates are negotiable and competitive. At the current time, we don’t offer a self-service advertising platform so please complete the form below for all advertising inquiries.

As a general rule for on-site advertising, the fees for contextual ads are the lowest while the fees for non-contextual images ads are the highest. For example, an image placed on the main sidebar on the site (guaranteeing its visibility on any post) would have a higher rate than a contextual link in a single article. For sponsored posts, rates are flexible based on article length, expertise and audience interest. Volume discounts may also be applied.

We often use affiliate links and affiliate products to complement our sponsored posts and advertisements. We only apply to affiliate programs that follow our policies and philosophies about the RV lifestyle. As RVers ourselves, we only look for products and content that we find useful.

At this time we do not have an affiliate program, but we open to discussing partnerships or sponsorships. Submit the inquiry form below and we’d love to chat!

Read our affiliate disclosures.

We review every advertising inquiry with careful consideration and complete due diligence as much as possible. For example, if a manufacturer asked us to promote their new generator, we would request studies and information backing up the manufacturer claims. We would research available information on the topic. Then we would make a decision about promoting the generator. It’s not always feasible for us to perform our own product research and testing before accepting a promotion request.

We complement some of our site content with advertisements served up by Google, Facebook and other advertising networks. We’ve blocked the nasty stuff, but occasionally you might see an ad that goes against our policies or your beliefs. Please use the appropriate flag markers or buttons to hide or dismiss the advertisement. If it’s not possible to hide the ad or you would like to notify us of an inappropriate ad, please take a screenshot and contact us.

Our site disclosures explain more about how we identify and work with various affiliate, advertising and influencer partnerships.

Success varies depending on your advertising goals. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, get more clients to use your renovation services, or sell more products, all advertisers will receive impressions, clicks, and click-through-rate metrics related to each advertising campaign.

We encourage advertisers to also use their own tracking parameters (such as Google Analytics UTMs) on their ad links.

Advertising Inquiries

Complete this form if you’re interested in discussing our advertising options.

Advertising Inquiries

Want a more hands-on approach?

Let us manage your ads for you! We’re a small but nimble team with agency and in-house marketing backgrounds in ecommerce, lead generation and content marketing.

Our team has collectively managed more than $75 million of advertising spend in the past decade across all digital channels and ad networks: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Amazon, Snapchat, and TikTok Ads.

We’re accepting applications for a couple new clients. If you want us to manage all or some of your digital advertising, let’s chat!

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