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Calling all RV content creators!

Would you like to submit a guest post or become a regular contributor to Love That RV?

Please take a few moments to read through our editorial policy so you can get an idea of what we’re looking for. Compliance with our editorial policy will improve the chance of your idea or article being accepted.

Note that if the editorial policy and guidelines are not followed, your submission will probably not be accepted and published.  

We carefully consider and attempt to reply to all guest post inquiries. If your content blatantly ignores our editorial policy, then you probably won’t receive a response.

Suggested content

Content should be related to the RV lifestyle. For example: design style roundup, camping tips, travel suggestions, favorite RV parks, space saving tips, renovation stories, time saving hacks, favorite renovation tools, etc.

Keep in mind that most readers on our website and social media are looking for content related to RV renovations. Take at the look at the sidebar of our blog to see the categories in which we publish content.

Content guidelines

Your submission, article, or post:

  • Must be unique content to LoveThatRV.com. We will not re-publish articles you previously published on another platform including social media or your own website.
  • Must be an original article that you wrote. We verify original work with Copyscape. Don’t spin an article that’s already been published. If we publish your article and then find out it’s been plagiarized, we’ll take it down.
  • Must not be created from AI (artificial intelligence) driven platforms such as ChatGPT. It’s okay to use AI to assist with aspects of the article such as table of contents or a rough draft outline, but we use various tools to check if final articles were AI generated.
  • Must not be taken from the public domain (i.e. don’t copy an article from Wikipedia).
  • Must use legitimate evidence with sources to back up any stated claims. We do our own due diligence before publishing all content.
  • Must use appropriate source citations.
  • Must have the appropriate license for use of images and other copyrighted material.
  • Must not be an advertisement, “selling a product”, or deemed as SPAM. We do, however, accept sponsored posts (and we can even help write the post).
  • Must have proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Must not contain any content that is a violation of any law, or be considered defamatory, hateful, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  • Should include a list of suggested categories/keywords.
  • Should be at least 250 words in length. Longer articles may be broken into “parts”. Articles that are heavier on media can be shorter in length (for example, top-10 lists with images).
  • Should include images or diagrams to help convey your points. These must also be sourced/cited.

Submit content for review

If you agree to the editorial policy above, please submit your article or story idea below. If this is your first submission, a simple excerpt or summary is sufficient.

Submit an Article
Share a short summary or bullet list of article ideas. Be concise and direct. If your article is already completed or in draft format, you can upload the full document below.
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If you have a draft or final version of the content, we’d love to see it! Acceptable file formats: .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx

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