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Some people want to buy an RV already renovated. If that’s you, you can find renovated RVs for sale in our RV Marketplace.

Hire a Professional Designer

Some people want to hire a professional to do the work. If that’s you, we’ve put together a RV Renovator Directory with the best RV professionals across the country.

Or… Do the Work Yourself!

But the majority of our readers are DIY renovators looking for inspiration and instructions on how to remodel their own RV.

Each of the renovators and designers on this page offers valuable insight from their years of experience in remodeling and decorating RVs.

After renovating a couple RVs ourselves as a full-time traveling family with no real construction or design training, we know that most RV projects are possible with a little hard work and patience.

The RV community is a close-knit group of like-minded people who love to travel and adventure in style. They’re also very happy to share their knowledge of what works and doesn’t work when renovating an RV.

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The Best RV Renovation Courses and eBooks

We used these courses and ebooks listed below in the process of renovating our own RVs so we know the information is top notch!

The Flipping Nomad RV Renovation - before The Flipping Nomad RV Renovation - after
love that rv renovator flipping nomad logo

As the only renovation company to receive an invite to collaborate directly with an RV manufacturer (Keystone), Cortni and her team at The Flipping Nomad literally know the ins and outs of RV construction.

After 10 years of full-time RV living and thousands of miles bumping down the highway, they have put together one of the most comprehensive RV renovation courses.






Accent Walls

And so… much… more…

Beginner’s Bootcamp

The Flipping Nomad’s Beginner’s Bootcamp is geared for both people who are not RV owners yet and also for RV owners who are looking to educate themselves further.

This dives into the nitty gritty of the buying experience and what you need to know as an RV owner.

Free RV Buyer’s Guide

It can be overwhelming knowing what type of RV is right for you, especially if you’ve never owned one before. There are so many options, and so many things to consider about each one.

The Flipping Nomad shares their thoughts on the best RVs you can buy.

The Flipping Nomad Digital Courses

“I love that The Flipping Nomad focuses on the mechanics and structure of these RVs, and then they get into the fun of interior design. They know their stuff and they have given me the courage to ‘Get ‘er done’! I cannot wait for more classes” – Shannon

love that rv renovator mountain modern life logo

The Nomad’s Guide to Decorating

You’ll find 200+ pages of tips and inspiration to make your RV look less cookie-cutter and more inviting regardless of budget or preferred style.

Katie and Eric of Mountain Modern Life share their own personal RV renovation journey alongside RV interior photos from more than 25 RV renovation designers.

Whether you’re planning to make small updates or a complete transformation, this guide is a perfect starting point for anybody renovating their RV.

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All Things With Purpose RV Renovator Books

The Lemp family is one of our favorite RV travel families to follow. They purchase disgusting old RVs and fix them up into functional homes on wheels. Then they take the RV on fun adventures before listing and reselling.

Sarah Lemp believes that anyone can love to camp. They just need the right RV! And she has the skills and knowledge to help you make that RV your own with some budget-friendly upgrades and modifications.

Sarah has published 2 books with expert tips, step-by-step instructions and of course lotos of photos.

All Things Camper Renovating Book

You can buy her book in digital PDF format on her website AllThingsWithPurpose.com. Use our special coupon code LOVETHATRV to get 10% off. (coupon valid only on the website, not on Amazon)

You can also buy the book on Amazon using the links below.

RV Renovating Basics Book

Practical advice and easy-to-understand instructions to get you started on your first RV renovation!

This is a condensed version of Sarah’s original book “All Things Camper Renovating” (listed above), making it a little cheaper than the more detailed book.

The is a simplified resource perfect for new DIY renovators.

Paperback Book
RV Family Renovators DIY Courses

RV Renovation DIY Courses

Renovating an RV is completely different than renovating a “sticks and bricks” home. Temperature, movement, weight, and moisture all come into play! This requires that you choose specific materials to use when renovating your RV.

RVs are also built completely different than traditional homes, so the chances of screwing through a vent in the wall, or blasting a nail through your exterior fiberglass are real issues! (speaking from experience)

Rachel Oldenburger is a professional RV renovator. Her services are highly sought after with a calendar booked months in advance.

She has experimented with hundreds of materials and developed an RV Renovation process that allows you to get the residential look in your RV without sacrificing safety or function

Her bite-sized courses are designed to help empower and motivate you to renovate your small space – on your own timeline and budget!

Here are some of the courses she offers on her website.

Paint & Prep

Flooring & Trim




Design & Style

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