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How We Can Help

We’d be happy to answer media inquiries and contribute our opinions and expertise to relevant stories and projects on topics such as:

  • Tips for renovating an RV
  • Tips for finding a used RV to renovate
  • How to live the RV lifestyle full-time (or part time)
  • Working remotely as a digital nomad
  • What types of RVs work best for cold weather
  • How to hire professional RV renovation experts
  • How to avoid online marketplace scams
  • Common painting mistakes to avoid
  • Best places to list a used RV for sale
  • Tips for photographing your RV

To get an idea of other topics we regularly discuss, you can find some of our most popular articles on our Inspiration Blog.


November, 2023: Love That RV Launches a New RV Marketplace

Love That RV, a leading RV design and lifestyle website with popular social media platforms focused on providing RV owners with design inspiration for renovating and repurposing outdated RV interiors, has taken a page out of their own by completely overhauling their website design and user experience while adding features like a peer-to-peer marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect, network and buy or sell renovated RVs. read more…

By the Numbers

The RV renovation community is fast growing. With a new-found desire to hit the road in style, tens of thousands of RV owners are searching daily for inspiration to make their road trips feel less like camping and more like glamping.

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ADULTS 25-45

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Brand Assets

As an online marketplace and design inspiration aggregator, the majority of the images, videos and other digital assets we use are copyright to their respective owners. Unless otherwise indicated, images, videos and ideas on this website, on our social media channels and on other Love That RV channels are either our own copyrighted materials and ideas or they are shared with permission from the copyright owner(s). All intellectual property rights are reserved.

For that reason, we ask that if you are interested in distributing, sharing or linking any content from this website, Love That RV social media channels or other Love That RV channels that you follow the guidelines in our Media Use Policy.

Our Name

Our name is Love That RV.

It’s simple, conversational and easy to remember.

The name was inspired by a conversation our owners had when planning the renovation for their first RV. While scrolling through various inspirational Pinterest boards and social media posts, they started saying, “I LOVE that RV!” It was hard to describe exactly what invoked that feeling, but something about certain design characteristics in those images and videos was exciting and made them want to share that content with other like-minded people who would also appreciate and love that RV inspiration.

Our Voice

We tend to write captions, blog posts and other online content just like we would talk to someone around a camp fire in an RV park.

We’re casual, fun and easy to talk to. We’re not corporate and stuffy. In fact, our owners quit the corporate world to travel full-time with their family and make memories.

Our Logo

Our logo is our primary brand asset and is an integral part of our brand recognition. If you would like to use our logo in media publications, we ask that you follow the guidelines outlined below.

Logo Downloads

You can find approved high resolution logo files by clicking the links below.

Do not modify, distort or alter the Love That RV logo in any way. Please only use the files we’ve provided in the download links above.

Logo Mark

The preferred logo is the logo mark of the heart inside the shape of an RV placed next to the Love That RV font type. The logo mark should only be used by itself when constrained by space such as a social media profile image (like we use on our own social media channels). Otherwise the logo should always be displayed with the logo mark side by side with the words “Love That RV.”

Exclusion Zones (padding)

Correct padding gives the logo space to breathe to ensure it maintains visual impact. Keep the space around the logo clear of graphics, patterns, and other font type.

Padding width around the logo is demonstrated below with the “RV” font from the logo to create a clear space around the entire logo.

lovethatrv brand guidelines logo padding
Logo Usage

Scale our logo proportionally. As long as the font type is legible, go as big or small as you need, although we do recommend a minimum height of no smaller than .5” or 48px.

The preferred version of the logo is the full color version. When placing our logo on a dark background, use the inverse (light) version which we designed specifically for this type of application. Avoid overly busy background graphics behind the logo as they can render the font face less readable.

Proper logo usage requires selecting the correct logo as well as using brand approved colors and spacing. If in doubt, we are quick to respond if you send us inquiries in the Press Inquiries form at the bottom of this page.


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