Whether you’re looking to purchase a home on wheels or you just want to vacation in style, you will find beautiful RVs in our marketplace. If you want to renovate your own dream RV, we’ve also got you covered with a library of inspirational design resources.


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Love That RV - Inspiration Newsletter - credit instagram.com/so.wickesited
Love That RV - Inspiration Newsletter - credit instagram.com/so.wickesited

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Design Inspiration

More than 1 million new RVs have been sold since 2020, and nearly all of them shipped with brown and beige interiors. RV manufacturers are notoriously slow at updating their designs. But we’re hard at work building the largest renovation design library to inspire you as you tackle your own RV renovation projects.

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Renovation Experts

The most trusted RV professionals share their tips and tricks.

As the only renovation company to receive an invite to collaborate directly with an RV manufacturer (Keystone), Cortni and her team at The Flipping Nomad literally know the ins and outs of RV construction.

After 10 years of full-time RV living and thousands of miles bumping down the highway, they have put together one of the most comprehensive RV renovation courses.

Beginners Bootcamp Full Renovation Course

Sarah Lemp published a book with over 200 pages of inspiration and instruction that will motivate you to start your own adventure!

The book includes a buyer’s checklist and covers topics like painting cabinets, upgrading your flooring, tips for flipping an RV for profit, water damage recovery, and a whole lot more.

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In The Nomad’s Guide to Decorating, you’ll find 200+ pages of tips and inspiration to make your RV look less cookie-cutter and more inviting regardless of budget or preferred style.

With RV interior photos from more than 25 RV renovation designers, this guide is a perfect starting point for anybody renovating their RV whether you’re planning to make small updates or a complete transformation.

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