If you ask us, the mirror is absolutely the best part of an RV bathroom (unless of course you have a tankless water heater… if you know, you know!). The mirror greets your happy, smiling face in the morning and it’s one of the easiest transformations to complete in an RV renovation.

Replacing the boxy, ugly mirrors from the manufacturer with a beautiful “residential” style mirror can be done simply on a budget and allows you to instantly bring your own personality to the space.

Now what about losing all that bathroom storage by removing the medicine cabinet mirror? Well let’s be honest… you’re not able to store all that much in those shallow cabinets anyway, so it’s not like you’re missing out on a lot of storage.

We left our cabinet in place in our renovation, but after a couple years of living in our fifth wheel, we didn’t need that storage and ended up only using it to store our toothbrushes and a couple small hairbrushes. I wouldn’t call it a “waste of space”, but we easily could have stored everything underneath the sink or in another cabinet in the bathroom.

I understand that not every RV bathroom is as spacious as our 42 ft fifth wheel with loads of storage in every room, but if you have sufficient storage and don’t need the boxy mirror in your bathroom, it might make more sense than you think to remove it and replace it with your own style.

Those boxy mirrors don’t offer a lot of storage space inside but they sure are bulky on the outside. Depending on your manufacturer’s design, they can overhand the sink by 4–10 inches. There were many times I bumped my head on the mirror when washing my face in the sink.

If you’re still skeptical about swapping out your bathroom mirror, we encourage you to have an open mind as you check out these beautiful RV bathroom transformations in the gallery below. Click each image to open a larger view of the space.


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  • RitonCummings

    Awesome I’m thinking about doing this myself !!

  • Karla Alford

    Need a lightweight round mirror no less than 18-20 inches in diameter.

    • Diane Adams

      me too—something stylish but light

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