Many of the beautiful RV renovation pictures we feature on this blog and on social media are the kitchen because it’s the main area where you often spend the most time. But one area often overlooked but deserving of attention is the bathroom.

One simple yet transformative change that many RV enthusiasts are making is replacing the manufacturer shower track doors with an attractive shower curtain. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of making the switch, exploring the newfound freedom and practicality that RV shower curtains can bring to your mobile lifestyle.

But first… let’s check out some beautiful RV bathroom renovations in this gallery below:

Now that you’ve swiped through that gallery, let’s discuss the pros and cons to replacing a shower door with a simple shower curtain.

RV Shower Curtain Pros

No More Gross Shower Tracks

Have you ever tried to clean an RV shower track? You could clean them every single day, but it seems like they’re always getting dirty. And if you don’t get down on your hands and knees and scrub with a little brush in every little corner of that metal track, the smells build up and it’s just not something you want to show off in your otherwise beautifully renovated RV.

Some comments we read on an Instagram post about replacing a shower track system with a curtain:

“Shower tracks are officially GONE + the mold that grew with it!! 🙌🏼🤢 We did an easy switch and replaced the doors with a simple shower curtain. Why we didn’t do this sooner, we have no idea. SOO nice knowing I’ll never have to clean those tracks again! 😊”

“Never again with the tracks! No idea why we waited so long to take those suckers out, lol 🙈”

“I’ve hated them for 3 years too! Worst design ever!”

“I haaaaaaate those damn tracks 😢”

“Oh yes! That was one of the first things we did when we moved into our RV last April. We had only been in it 2 weeks when we removed the shower doors and tracks. There was already mold growing under them. So thankful we were able to catch it right away. Your little place is so inspiring! ❤️”

We’ve seen these same comments over and over again on social media posts from people who choose to replace their shower doors with curtains. It’s a wonder why manufacturers don’t ship more showers with curtains from their factories with this type of customer feedback!

Space Optimization

When it comes to RV living, every inch of space counts. You have to think about maximizing space efficiency, and shower curtains become a good option in your renovation plans.

Unlike shower doors that close off space, block light and just feel bulky, curtains take up minimal space when not in use, providing a more open feel to the bathroom area. You’d be surprised at how much bigger your tiny RV bathroom feels when you remove those shower doors.

Another possibility with adding a shower curtain is using a rounded shower curtain rod that protrudes out from the shower surround. It might seem like a little thing, but that extra elbow room is really nice when you’re taking a shower in a small RV bathroom.

Easy Installation

Installing a shower curtain is a breeze compared to the intricate process of mounting and maintaining shower doors. Many RVers appreciate the simplicity and ease of swapping out a curtain when needed.

Cost-Effective Solution

Shower curtains are generally more budget-friendly than custom-fit shower doors. If your existing shower door is breaking or you’re just looking to change out with another option, a curtain is the most cost-effective solution allowing you to allocate your budget to other essential upgrades or travel experiences.

More Design Options

Shower doors come in just a few options—transparent glass or frosted glass with a couple different colors for your metal track and door frames. But with a shower curtain, you have endless design possibilities to match your personal style or RV interior. From vibrant colors to unique patterns, curtains provide an easy and cost-effective way to personalize your living space.

Lightweight and Portable

RVers are always mindful of weight considerations. Shower curtains are lightweight and easy to fold or roll up, making them a practical choice for those who prioritize weight distribution and fuel efficiency. You might be surprised to learn that a glass shower door and track system can weigh up to 100lbs or more. So if you’re looking to save on weight with your RV renovation, you might want to consider pulling out that manufacturer shower door.

Cons to Swapping Your RV Shower Door with a Shower Curtain

Limited Privacy

One drawback of shower curtains is that they may not provide as much privacy as solid shower doors. If privacy is a top concern for you but you still want to use a shower curtain, consider shopping for a curtain made of a thicker material or even adding a secondary liner.

Water Splashing

Unlike shower doors, curtains may allow some water to escape, potentially causing a mess in the bathroom. To mitigate this, RVers can opt for a curtain with a weighted bottom or consider installing splash guards or water absorbent mats to cover the floor.

If you have kids who like to point the shower head every direction expect down towards the drain, you should definitely consider a waterproof liner inside the curtain.

Removing the RV Door Can Be Challenging

If you’re renovating the rest of your RV, you’ve likely painted some walls or cabinets, maybe added some wallpaper or upgraded your bedding. That’s all relatively trivial stuff compared to yanking out a heavy shower door. Removing a shower door involves pulling out screws, removing glue and caulking around the frames, and quite a bit of pulling and lifting… all in a relatively small space. It’s generally advised to get help from another person when removing an RV sliding shower door. They can be a little heavy so take your time and be cautious.

Durability Concerns

Shower curtains may not be as durable as high-quality shower doors. Over time, wear and tear from constant water splashing can wear out the curtains. However, considering the price of most shower curtains, this may not be a significant drawback for many RVers. And you can always remove the shower curtain and throw it in the wash if you’re starting to get mildew stains.

A few years ago, we didn’t see very many RV renovations that chose to replace the shower door with a simple curtain. But it seems to be a lot more common now as we’re seeing beautiful renovations almost weekly with shower curtains. Even some manufacturers have started offering the option of using a shower curtain direct from the factory instead of a bulky shower door.

What are your thoughts? Have you considered swapping your RV shower door system with a shower curtain? Leave your comments below. Better yet, share your own RV bathroom photos so we can see what you’ve done!

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