Adding a backsplash is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old, tired RV kitchen on a tight budget. It can be a relatively quick project and you instantly add more light and interest to the tiny space.

There are many different shapes and styles you can choose for a backsplash. Tiles are an obvious choice as you shop home improvement stores, but depending on the size of the kitchen and amount of wall space you’ll be covering with tile, you might need to be cautious of adding too much weight. It’s not uncommon to find very thin, lightweight tiles you can apply to walls so don’t rule out tile immediately.

Small tiles like mosaic shapes or small subway tiles often come on 12 x 12-inch sheets so installation can be a breeze. You can literally install on a Friday evening and grout it on a Saturday morning. A small RV kitchen won’t take a lot of sheets to complete the look, but you might end up with several cuts to get things to fit just right.

Speaking from experience, we can tell you that most RV kitchen walls aren’t square, which means you’ll end up with some wavy, flimsy walls that might take a bit more work to straighten out and get some precise angle cuts.

And that, of course, assumes you have access to a tile saw and experience cutting. It’s not too challenging, but for many RV renovators, particularly those living full-time in their RV and renovating on the road, a tile saw likely isn’t something you’re moving around the country with! Sure, you could rent the equipment from a tool or home improvement store, but that just adds to the cost and complexity of the renovation project.

That’s another reason why we generally recommend lightweight, peel and stick tiles for RV renovations. They’re easy to cut with regular household scissors, they are flexible around those not-so-straight walls, and they don’t add any more weight to the remodeled rig.

Subway Tile

The collection of images below demonstrates how popular subway tiles are in modern, renovated RVs and it’s easy to see why. Subway tiles (both actual tiles as well as thinner peel and stick tiles) add a clean, organized aesthetic to any space. They’re known for their versatility and ease of coordinating with any style.

Subway tiles are common in the hugely popular farmhouse style we’re seeing a lot of the past couple years, but we’ve also seen subway tiles used in many modern settings. The popularity with subway tiles is often related to its simplicity, which some people might equate to being “boring”. But there are several ways you can add a little extra excitement with this classic tiled look.

You can mix and match color tones, you can change the pattern like a herringbone design or even vertical orientation, you could change the scale from the traditional 3×6 inches to something much larger or longer, or you could simply choose a tile option with a bit of texture. Any way you choose you use this backsplash option, you’re likely going to love the results.

Peel and Stick Tiles

If you choose to remodel with peel and stick tiles, there are many options available for your project, but we recommend these brands. Both of them have many different high quality designs and they’re easy to cut and shape to any space.

Tic TacShop on Amazon
Nomad TilesShop on Amazon

Hexagon Tiles

If subway tile isn’t quite the look you want, another design option to consider is the hexagonal shape. Hexagon tiles give you many of the same benfits as the classic subway tile, but you get an interesting pattern that draws in your eye.

Colors and textures can help modernize the space. Darker grout lines draw in your eye more, while white or lighter grout creates a brighter, cleaner surface. We love the large hexagon shapes, but we’re big fans of the smaller hexagonal patterns. Let us know in the comments below what you like best!

Unique Tile Backsplash Options

Like we said earlier, there’s no lack of design options when it comes to kitchen backsplashes. If you’re not a fan of the traditionally white subway tile or the hexagon shape, there are still plenty of fun, unique tile options, sizes and colors to choose from. We found some of our favorite renovated RVs below with kitchen backsplashes that don’t blend in; they actually become a design centerpiece worth talking about.

If you liked these kitchen remodels, you should definitely take a look at some of our favorite RV shower renovations. You’ll see many of the same design decisions of subway tiles vs hexagon tiles and the results are pretty incredible.

We want to see your renovation!

We love featuring the best designs and innovative renovations. Tiny homes of all shapes and sizes… 5th wheels, motorhomes, popups, skoolies… we want to see it!


  • Leah

    I have a question I hope you can answer? I installed the peel and stick subway tile and due to the heat and storing it it peeled off and also turned yellow. Do you think I could put some kind of top coat over it when I redo it to keep it from turning yellow again? Also will probably use spray adhesive.

  • Dakota

    They were all mostly white. I was looking for ideas but felt as if I were looking at the same ones over and over.

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