Recreational Vehicles come from the factory with one style…

Boring! The American RV industry is still stuck behind the times when it comes to fresh new styles or colors for that matter. If you go shopping for a new RV at a dealer, you might wonder if the RV designer used anything outside of a brown or grey color palette. That’s why it’s no surprise that our highest trafficked pages and best social media posts are often related to renovation design styles.

It can be difficult to narrow down design styles when many of today’s design choices are broad strokes of various finishes, decor and aesthetics. But we’ve found that most renovations fall into these broader categories for now. We continue to update our categories and curated styles as design trends mature and change.

Click each image below to see beautifully remodeled RVs categorized in these design categories.

style boho love that rv


style farmhouse love that rv


style rustic love that rv


style modern love that rv


style vintage love that rv


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