If you’re interested in advertising opportunities (on this website, email newsletter or social media), please visit our Advertisers page.

This support page provides information about the advertising credit you receive if you pay for a “Premium” listing package for your marketplace listing (whether it’s for sale or for rent).

Our goal is to get as many people as possible to see your listing, especially in the first couple weeks after the listing goes live.

How does the advertising credit work?

All Premium listing packages on the Love That RV marketplace receive a $25 Facebook ad credit

Currently our “Premium” listing packages (for both marketplace categories of RVs for sale or for rent) include a $25 ad credit to be used on a Facebook ad.

Typically within 3 business days after your marketplace listing is successfully activated on the website, we will reach out to you via the email address you used to submit your listing. The email we send will share instructions for how to get started with your ad credit and the couple steps you need to take to allow us to advertise your listing.

We will spend $25 on your behalf on a campaign. You already paid for the ad credit with your listing submission so you will NOT need to have an active Facebook ad account or credit card on file.

Where will my ad show?

Your ad may be displayed on any of the platforms owned by Meta:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network

You can find more information about Meta ad placements here.

Why a Facebook / Instagram ad?

Meta Platforms (the name for Facebook and their owned properties) claims their total advertising audience is 2.11 billion people, or 72.5% of their total 2.91 billion monthly active users (source).

Out of 4.6 billion global Internet users, 3.59 billion people use at least one Meta app every month: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Many users are active on more than one platform.

Take a look at this chart that shows the most popular social networks. Meta owns 4 of the top 7 social networks!

Translation… for any marketer serious about growth or getting their product in front of customers, Facebook and Instagram offer the highest potential ad reach.

While we do have the ability to target specific placements (for example, only show ads on Instagram), we typically allow Facebook’s algorithm to find the best users regardless of what platform they are using. So your ad may be shown on any of the platforms as described in the previous section above.

Typically your ad will primarily be shown to users on Facebook and Instagram. When your advertisement is live, we will send you a direct link so you can monitor comments and reactions to the ad. We do advise that respond to any questions or comments.

Who creates the ad?

Love That RV Facebook and Instagram ads

The simplest form of paid social advertising is “boosting” a post. You may have seen that on your own Facebook or Instagram feed when posting content. Sometimes you see a popup asking you if you want to boost or promote your post.

While clicking that blue “boost” button can work, it’s not quite as powerful as setting up an advertisement through Facebook Ads Manager. Boosting doesn’t provide all the same audience targeting and budgeting controls, so it’s usually better to spend a few extra minutes in Ads Manager.

That’s where we have the expertise to help.

We’ve been using the Facebook Ads Manager for more than a decade. We know the ins and outs and our team has collectively managed more than $35 million in Facebook advertising during that time. That’s a ton of experience!

And we also know how to make every dollar count. You don’t need a big budget to see some quality results. For example, the social media company Buffer did a test to see what they could accomplish with $5 per day and published the results on their blog. Obviously there are many variables that go into advertising so your results will vary, but they were able to promote a post to 787 new people with just $5.

We can’t guarantee a specific result, but we can guarantee our work will be professional and completed in a timely manner. We know you want to find customers quickly so we work promptly to get any advertisements live to take advantage of that new paint smell and excitement of the new marketplace listing.

If your listing sells before the $25 budget expires, you can inform us that the listing sold by clicking “mark as sold” in your listing details. It can take our team 1-3 business days to review the listing and disable any remaining budget on the advertisement. We do not offer pro-rated or complete “refunds” on the ad credit unless your listing is not approved and is never activated on our marketplace. You agree when activating your listing that the ad credit is applied as a “use it or lose it” credit. But rest assured that we work hard to make sure the credit works as intended. And hey… if your listing sells, there’s a good chance that advertising exposure helped in that process!

After the $25 advertising budget expires and the campaign completes, we will email you a summary performance report.

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