Congrats on posting your marketplace listing! If you completed the renovations yourself, we applaud your renovation skills and patience. We know firsthand how challenging it can be to turn an outdated RV into a modern home on wheels. 🙌

Now you could sit back and just wait for offers to hopefully start rolling in, but you’ll have the most satisfaction with the marketplace process if you follow these promotion tips for getting more traffic to your listing page.


We covered this topic in the initial listing instructions, but it’s worth repeating that a successful sale starts with high quality photos.

The first thing that will grab someone’s attention on the Love That RV website, social media, or any online post or advertisement is the primary listing photo. If the photo is dark, blurry or not visually appealing, you will limit your listing visibility. There are other options for a prospective buyer so they may just scroll past your listing if the photo doesn’t grab their attention.

Review our RV photography tips and make sure you chose the best photo to represent what makes your renovation unique and beautiful.

If you want to change your primary listing photo, you can access your listing in your My Account page and upload a new photo or select one of your other previously uploaded photos.

Darlin Trailers RV Renovation - before Darlin Trailers RV Renovation - after

RV photos and beautiful renovation by professional renovoators Darlin Trailers.

Spread the word

Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to find potential buyers. With RV sales at record highs the past couple years, it’s possible that someone in your immediate friend circle may be looking for exactly what you’re selling. So let loose on social media. Share your marketplace listing link and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Even if your friends aren’t interested in purchasing our RV, they may help you out by sharing your social media post or marketplace listing link with their circle of friends. That’s another reason to make sure that primary photo impresses because that’s what will be shared as word spreads about your listing.

Create social content

Social media is a perfect channel for showing off your renovation. If you haven’t already posted photos or videos showing the renovation process, now is a good time to scroll back through your camera roll and put together some fun content.

Before and after photo carousels and video slideshows often perform well. You can see examples of high quality renovation content on our Instagram @lovethatrv.

We encourage you to add your social media links to your listing page sidebar. This allows buyers to click through and discover the content you created that shows the renovation process. After viewing the process they will feel more connected to the renovation story.

Any content you create and share to your social media accounts may get your friends excited to re-share to their own accounts. People love watching and sharing a good renovation process. That’s why we’re all obsessed with HGTV!

Answer buyer questions

Verify that your listing contact information displayed in the sidebar of your listing page is correct, including your name, website link and social links. Although we don’t display your email publicly on our website, double check your email address listed in the My Account page because that’s how buyers will contact you when they click the “Send Message” button on your listing page.

Your listing photos and description may help initiate a buyer’s curiosity, but you will have to complete the sale by answering questions and helping the buyer feel comfortable with your RV’s condition.

Answer messages quickly and professionally as serious buyers may look elsewhere if their inquiries are not returned or answered sufficiently.

Schedule time for showings

If you’re attempting to sell your RV, you should plan for times when you can meet prospective buyers in person for a walk-through tour. If the buyer is located remotely or otherwise unable to meet in person, they may request a live video walk-through tour.

It’s always best to set meeting times with prospective buyers during daylight hours. This not only makes viewing of your RV easier, but it also makes it safer. We advise you check our marketplace safety article about avoiding scams and staying safe when meeting with buyers.

Prepare the RV

Nobody preps a renovated RV for sale better than RV Family Renovators!
Nobody preps a renovated RV for sale better than RV Family Renovators! Check out their latest DIY renovation courses for tips.

It’s important to make the first impression a lasting one. Hopefully you already completed most of the cleaning and organization prior to taking photos for the listing, but there are always last-minute things that need to be adjusted before someone inspects the RV in person.

Follow these tips when preparing your RV for buyer visits:

  • Clean your RV thoroughly inside and out. Weather happens so buyers won’t expect the exterior to be sparkling clean if you live in a windy, dusty or rainy environment, but obvious stains, streaks and bugs should be cleaned.
  • Limit personal use to keep your RV clean after listing for sale.
  • Finish the simple and inexpensive repairs now.
  • Remove all equipment, supplies and other items that you do not intend to sell with your RV.
  • Check that all items and equipment you are planning to sell with your RV are on board and in good working order.
  • Create a file (digital is often preferred) of receipts, repairs, maintenance logs, and improvements for your prospective buyers.
  • Include owner’s manuals for equipment and appliances.
  • If the RV has a transferrable warranty, be sure to have that information ready.

Buyers will be impressed with your organization and attention to detail. This preparation demonstrates that you are the type of person that took good care of the RV and didn’t cut corners with the renovation process.

Did you set the right price?

If your listing is not getting traffic or the interest you expect, it might be worth revisiting the price. We published a complete RV pricing guide to help you with the tricky task of setting a fair price.

Set the price reasonably close to the amount you are willing to accept and be willing to negotiate. Setting a price too high can turn away potential buyers and lengthen the amount of time it takes to sell the RV. The longer the listing stays active, the more concerned buyers might become that something is wrong with the RV.

If you need to adjust your listing price, you can do that in your My Account page.

Upgrade your listing

If you selected the “Free Listing” package option when creating your marketplace listing, you could consider upgrading to a paid package to increase your listing visibility. Enhancements increase your exposure and differentiate your ad from other listings.

View the “For Sale” marketplace listing upgrades

View the “Rental” marketplace listing upgrades

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