The sofa in your RV will likely be the most used piece of furniture in your home on wheels. Lounging, sleeping, watching TV, eating dinner… it will get a lot of use.

So it’s no surprise that many RV renovators are choosing leather when swapping out the old furniture with a nice, new sofa.

There are pros and cons to fabric materials just as there are positive and negative characteristics to leather. But in an RV, there are some key benefits to choosing leather (or even faux leather).

In our own 5th wheel renovation, we knew we wanted a large, comfortable couch. With 3 crazy little boys, we knew we needed something durable that could clean up easily. So leather was an easy choice. We chose a sofa from Article because it was the perfect dimensions (like within an inch on depth and length of what we needed… meant to be!), it was the right price, and the look was exactly what we wanted. We had already sat on Article couches so we knew we would appreciate it. And after 2 years of heavy use, it worked great!

Leather is relatively easy to take care of. A light rub down with leather cleaner and conditioner got rid of deeper stains and even after kids spilled food or sat down with muddy bums, it usually only required a wet wipe to clean up the mess. Same thing with pets.

Leather is also known to be hypoallergenic. It doesn’t harbor dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens as easily as fabric does.

Whatever the reason you might choose to put a leather sofa in your RV, you can certainly bet that the space will look amazing. Leather lends elegance and warmth to the space. Even though we were traveling the country and going in and out every day (often in dusty camping conditions), we liked that the leather sofa just made the space look more modern and contemporary.

Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are beautiful, easy to care for and have hypoallergenic benefits. They’re also generally very durable and can last many years or even decades longer than traditional fabric material or faux leather materials. Leather is naturally a thick, durable material. Any scratches caused by pets or keys left in your pocket can be obscured with leather polish or those new impurities can actually add to the look and memories created in your travel adventures.

Leather Chairs

You might not have enough space in your RV for a full-size leather sofa, or perhaps you already have a beautiful, comfy sofa and you just want a hint of leather to warm up your space… well then, you could always go for a simple leather chair! And I’m not talking your grandpa’s leather recliner (although that might be nice too!) Check out a few of these leather chairs in the gallery below. Simple but elegant, they instantly add a modern look to the RV.

Another clever way to add a touch of leather is to choose leather pillows for your bed or sofa. You get that warm sophisticated look but you keep the couch you love without replacing it with a full leather sofa.


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  • Marcie Alexander

    Just wanted to know how you got your Article sofa in your 5th wheel?

    • Love That RV

      We had just enough space through the doorway and past the wall and kitchen island that we could have pushed the couch in without the legs (the legs easily twist on and off). But we didn’t want to risk scratching the leather so we removed a slide window and lifted the couch through the window space. The window was easy to remove with just a dozen screws and we replaced the weatherproof caulk on the outside after putting the window back in place. It was roughly an hour long project.

  • Ashlee

    What color green is on the cabinets?

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