A picnic table at a campground works great as a mobile work station some of the time. What’s better than a little breeze blowing your hair as you sip your favorite drink and admire the views? But other times the weather doesn’t cooperate or the weekend crowd rolls into the campground with their cornhole tournaments. It’s a little more challenging to get work done with so many distractions around.

As you well know, most RVs aren’t exactly mansions on wheels. While some floorplans come with dedicated office spaces, many RV renovations will require you to either repurpose a space or get clever in how you utilize a space for multiple purposes.

While you can’t entirely escape a noisy party on your front doorstep, at least a comfortable workstation inside your RV gives you a space where you can work late into the evening or early in the morning as many full-time RVers tend to do.

Sitting on your bed with a laptop on your lap is convenient and sounds a lot better than the traditional 9-5 cubicle job, but beds are more comfortable for laying down than sitting for hours on end.

The bed can be a makeshift office once in a while, but if you expect to be in front of a screen for any amount of time, it’s worth getting creative to maximize your RV square footage to come up with a quality work station.

The most obvious space to transform into a mobile office on wheels is your dining area. You already have seating and a proper table height to place a laptop or computer monitor. And you often have windows nearby which allow you to admire the views even if you would rather be outside playing.

RV Office Ideas

From dedicated office spaces to dining rooms converted to workstations at night to actual standing work desks, we’ve curated some of our favorite renovated RV office spaces below.


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  • Justinjames

    I really really love your site!

  • Steve

    The setup with the Herman Miller Aeron chair obviously belongs to a professional! I have one in the front bunk house (a.k.a., “Man Cave”) of our 2022 Highland Ridge Silverstar 376FBH. I work in IT and couldn’t live without mine!

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