You can never have too much countertop space in your RV. Manufacturers are trying to offer some layouts that maximize the counter space in the kitchen, but there’s really only so much you can do in a tiny space.

Whether you want extra prep area, a cutting board, or perhaps a little more dining space, flip-up or “drop down” countertop extensions can be a clever way to add that valuable counter space you need.

There are several methods for installing extensions. You’ll notice in some of the examples in the gallery below that you can use hinges such as a piano hinge to create a nearly flush countertop extension. More commonly you’ll see the extensions installed below the primary countertop on the side of the cabinet or kitchen island using simple bracket supports or braces underneath.

The most common material to use is wood, particularly butcher block with a nice stain finish. Wood is relatively easy to work with to get the exact dimensions you want and has a nice, warm finish to it. Wood is also easier to find than the laminate material the manufacturer used on the countertop from the factory.

You may be able to fins similar materials but matching the colors exactly can be a bit tricky.

More often than not, we see RV renovators tear out the original factory countertops and replace everything with some sort of wood. Wood is generally less expensive than custom countertops like corian or laminate and most DIY renovators can sand and cut their own countertops which saves on labor costs.

Just note that if you choose a wood countertop extension like a nice butcher block, you’ll need to properly clean and treat the wood to make it last.

Flip-Up Countertop Extensions

We’ve curated some of our favorite examples of modern RV renovations that utilize some sort of flip-up counter extensions. It’s actually qui

te remarkable how in some cases these extensions actually double the usable space in the kitchen!

Clever Multi-Purpose Furniture

Another less common but equally clever option we’ve seen for increasing usable counter space is using multi-purpose furniture that can slide out or fold into a dining or countertop extension. When you live and travel in a small space, it’s often important to find ways to use furniture and spaces in multiple ways.

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