Maybe you’re a full-time traveling family with 4 kids, or maybe you’re retired and just want a space for the grandkids to stay when they stop by to visit you on the road. Either way, a bunkroom is the best way to increase sleeping capacity in a tiny home on wheels.

Obviously the easiest way to renovate a bunkroom space is to choose an RV floorplan that already includes bunk beds. But that’s not the only option.

We’ve included examples below where the renovator added bunk beds into a slide-out, creating beautiful private spaces for their kids (like this fun farmhouse bunkbed by @humbills.homeontherange)

We’ve even seen people re-arrange their sleeping arrangements where the bunks took over the master bedroom and the adults switched to the rear sleeping area of the RV (like the stunning renovation from @wholethompsonlife we showcase at the end of this article)

Speaking from personal experience, we are considering this type of an arrangement in our next RV. Our kids are good sleepers, but if we wanted a late-night snack or wanted to sneak out to sit by the fire with friends, we had to tip-toe past the sleeping boys and hope they didn’t wake up. But if we just moved the boys up front, the rest of the rig would be ours after they go to sleep. Something to consider if you’re feeling adventurous with your renovation and design skills!

Regardless of where the bunk beds are located, there are many simple ways to make the space a little more exciting.

Let’s go through some of our favorite examples below…


Bunk beds don’t have to be drab and boring. Travel in comfort by adding a little bit of your own style to the walls. You can choose to paint entire accent walls, hand-paint detailed murals if you’re a talented artist, or use wallpaper. Our favorite choice is peel and stick wallpaper because it’s so easy to install (and re-install if you don’t quite get it right the first time). And as your kids grow older and you change your style, it’s easy to remove and apply a new design!

Depending on the wallpaper you choose, you might need to be careful of the color of the wall before applying the wallpaper. If you’re installing thin, lighter colored wallpaper on a dark wall, you might end up having some of the dark color bleed through slightly. But before you buy primer and spend time prepping the walls, it might be worth ordering a small sample to see how you like the pattern and see how it looks over top of the RV wall color.

You don’t have expansive, blank walls to work with, so it’s best to avoid dark-colored or overly busy wallpaper. Even though you might be camping out in the woods, we recommend white or light-toned wallpaper for campers. Quality RV wallpaper can be easily wiped down to clean. Depending on your preference, you can go for anything ranging from gentle florals to elegant geometric patterns as you’ll see in the examples below.

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Perhaps you’re looking to keep a more natural or rustic look in the interior of your RV. After all, you’re traveling in a camper so why not bring a little bit of nature indoors! Exposed wood is one of the easiest ways to add an instant rustic vibe. Once again, be careful of adding full thickness boards or panels to the walls to avoid excessive weight, but even just a few wood accents like the bed railings, ladder or even the slide-out molding can work with this design style.

Light and Airy

Light-toned elegance on wheels, we love these renovations! An RV is already a compact space so there’s no reason to be excessive in adding décor or a busy color or wallpaper that distracts from the simplicity of this lifestyle.

The trick to this minimalistic boho-inspired design is to stay as close to monochrome as possible to create a sense of cohesion. This will also give you room to play with quirky accents such as pillows and throw blankets.


The most popular design style of choice at the moment is farmhouse or “modern” farmhouse. We have a great post on our Favorite Farmhouse Style RV Renovations, but we’ve included a few more bunkroom views for inspiration below.

Industrial Piping

Industrial style pipes are an easy way to add a small hint of modern design vibes in your space. These pipes are both stylish and functional. You can build the ladder and top bunk railing out of pipes which makes the bed sturdy and safe for your kids. Sometimes you have to balance weight and aesthetics so it’s not uncommon to see RV manufacturers using lightweight plastic or thin wood as the bed ladder or railing. Luckily metal piping is relatively lightweight but it’s much stronger than most alternatives.

These ladders and railings should last a lifetime and you’ll sleep better knowing that your kids are safer and hey, the space looks good too!


Metal pipes might be a little too industrial for your liking and although pipes are generally a strong and sturdy solution to building ladders and railings on RV bunk beds, that’s not to say that you can’t use wood (or even combine wood accents with the metal pipes) to create a cozy aesthetic. Many people choose to leave the natural wood colors with a light stain or varnish. Others leave just some wood exposed and paint the rest. Check out these beautiful renovations below to see how they chose to use exposed, natural wood on their bunk beds.

To finish up our list of gorgeous RV bunkroom renovations, we had to select some of our all-time favorite remodels. These projects below have so much attention to detail. We think you’re gonna be impressed with these inspirational shots!

We want to see your renovation!

We love featuring the best designs and innovative renovations. Tiny homes of all shapes and sizes… 5th wheels, motorhomes, popups, skoolies… we want to see it!


  • Barbara R Quinn

    I have not owned an “RV” but 2 pop-ups, and 3 20’pull behind campers. I am now of the opinion I am ready to do a motor home, but NOT a class”A”. A class “C” would be good to start with. Bunk House is good due to need to sleep 8 people. Do you have any suggestions. I am an experience RV traveler.

  • Barbara R Quinn

    Just need some way to get started with ideas!

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