Time to add a little sizzle to that dated RV bedroom! No matter your preferred design style, wood is the perfect material to add behind your bedroom mattress to create a focal point that is sure to impress.

Don’t let that blank space behind your bed look so blah. You don’t need to keep that dated foam cushion the manufacturer stapled to your wall!

We curated some of our favorite creative headboards from professional and DIY RV renovators below. And we found that wood is generally the preferred method of creating these designs.

Wood is easily available, comes in many different sizes and is relatively easy to work with. It’s rare to find an RV slide-out or wall that is actually straight and perfectly plumb, so working with materials that can be forgiving is key.

With all modifications you complete in your RV, you do need to be mindful of adding excessive weight. Many RVs won’t come with any sort of headboard while others come with a simple fabric or lightweight cushion material. So any wood you add to your headboard will inevitably add more weight.

That’s why your design choice can greatly affect the added weight.

Pro Tip

You will likely design and construct the headboard wall when your mattress is not in place. But don’t forget that the height of the mattress will hide the bottom portion of the wall, so you can actually leave that portion blank, saving a little effort and a few pounds of extra material on the wall!

Angled Wood Slats

Check out these clever design hacks that combined a few simple slats of wood and a splash of color to create a headboard wall that has a little depth and looks fabulous. It’s a theme you can even replicate in other parts of the RV as accent wall or even on the kitchen island.

We’ve even seen people substitute PVC material for wood. You can usually find PVC at local big box lumber stores. It’s lightweight, easy to cut and can be painted.

All Natural Wood

Perhaps you don’t want to cover up the beautiful wood grain and you want to stick with a natural look. You should still add protective layers of varnish or stain to help protect the wood from the heat and humidity you are sure to encounter as you travel around in your RV. Depending on your choice of wood, you can either use a really light stain to keep the natural look, or you can use a darker stain to really draw out the wood grain look.

Rustic Look

Wood is a great way to add a little rustic vibe to your renovation, especially if you keep the wood a natural color and pair it with a darker accent color. You’re in a camper anyway, so why not add a little bit of natural wood to make it more exciting! Or you could even stain the wood different shades to add a bit of a landscape.

Vertical Wood Slats

Finally, I want to point your attention to this gorgeous remodel by the talented renovators at Revamping Camping. I love how they stayed with a simple color palette and let the natural wood create a warm and cozy feeling. Thin wood slats are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add more interest to the headboard without adding too much weight.

Love That RV - Inspiration Newsletter - credit instagram.com/so.wickesited
Love That RV - Inspiration Newsletter - credit instagram.com/so.wickesited

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