Truck Camper Renovations

A truck camper is technically still considered an RV since it is used for recreational travel purposes. They used to be limited to short weekend trips, but with the introduction of slide-outs and larger campers that fit into today’s larger full-size pickup trucks, a truck camper is a more viable option for longer camping trips. We even know some couples that live full-time out of their camper!

Truck campers are great for people who don’t want to own a motorhome or trailer and want to use their daily pickup as their short vacation vehicle. Some truck campers even have easy push button controls to raise the camper in and out of the truck with ease so you can drop off the camper at the campground and still use your truck bed as normal when out and about away from the campground.

Truck bed campers are often more budget friendly so we’ve included a lot of budget renovation ideas in our curation efforts to show you the best renovated truck campers.

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